Teach Me How to Govie

Teach Me How to Govie: A Collaborative Music Video Project, 2011
By: Christopher Metzger, Jenna Frye and Ysem Brown

Our largest scale collaboration to date, Teach Me How to Govie involved 100 or so participants. Two groups of MICA students enrolled in both mine and Professor Jenna Frye's Elements of Visual Thinking II course collaborated with the fabulous choir of Govans Elementary for a larger scale music video collaboration. Over the course of a few weeks, teams of artists visited Govans to conduct various workshops, ranging from audio and video production to animation, fashion and set design. Once the workshops came to a close, our MICA students tied up all the loose ends, finalizing the animations, mixing the audio, editing the video and even designing some packaging for the final product.

As artists and educators, we believe in the trans formative power of art and technology and the importance of media literacy in the 21st century. By empowering Baltimore City youth to become media producers rather than consumers, it's our hope that they'll become more critical of the media they encounter on a day to day basis.

Shout out to ALL the students who participated in the project! I never did learn how to Govie, but than again, I'm not much of a dancer...